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Karmi Oxman Gross

Adventures in Ethology

Drexel University Department of Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science

Terrestrial isopod behavior

Honey bee decision making

Art in Science


Spring BEES Dept. Zine

Read about the BEES Zine: "New Publication Celebrates the Intersection of the Arts and Sciences"

  • "Inspired by the isolation of pandemic-era social-distanced living, Biodiversity, Earth & Environmental Science PhD candidates Karmi Oxman and Virginia “Ginny” Caponera set out to rediscover the roots of their passions, both in academia and extracurriculars..."

  • Read about our fieldwork in the Negev: "Can desert ants take the heat?"

    Interview: Seeking the building blocks of pollinator conservation

  • "I like this project because the data is very visual,” Oxman said. “People can learn how pollinators interact with the same city they are living in. I think it’s cool and can be a model for other cities as well...”